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2022-23 TK/K Enrollment Information

TK/Kindergarten Information Night 2022 
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We are excited you want to enroll at SLZUSD!
Please read carefully Steps 1,2 & 3 regarding TK/K Enrollment
1. Please check the below calendar to confirm if your child's birthday makes them eligible for TK or  Kindergarten.
2. Please check this website to make sure you know you know at which school at which you must complete the enrollment process based on your address.
3. Please ensure that you schedule an appointment (no earlier than March 1st), with your child's doctor to complete the required physical and required immunizations in order to enroll in California schools.

Parents' Guide to Immunizations Required for School Entry


家长的免疫接种指南 幼儿园学龄前(托儿所)必要




San Lorenzo Unified School District Age Enrollment Chart 2022-23
Grade Level Placement Criteria
Birth Date Criteria Grade Level
Born after 2/02/2018 Wait to Enroll until Next School Year
9/02/17 - 02/02/18 Transitional Kindergarten
9/02/16 - 9/01/17 Kindergarten
9/02/15 - 9/01/16 1
9/02/14 - 9/01/15 2
9/02/13 - 9/01/14 3
10/02/12- 9/01/13 4
11/02/11 - 10/01/12 5
12/03/10 - 11/01/11 6
12/03/09 - 12/02/10 7
12/03/08- 12/02/09 8
Follow age, transcript, and credits for high school grade placement.  
12/03/07 - 12/02/08 9
12/03/06 - 12/02/07 10
12/03/05 - 12/02/06 11
12/03/04 - 12/02/05 12


Children born on or after 2/3/2018 are eligible to begin school in the 2023-2024 school year.



If you need assistance with immunizations please see the below clinics:


Alameda County Immunization Clinics

Clínicas de Inmunización del Condado de Alameda



Do You Want Your Child to be Bilingual

Please consider if you would like to apply for our Kindergarten Dual Language Immersion Program at Hesperian Elementary School. Click here for more information.


If you have additional questions, please email Kay Archibald, Executive Assistant, Educational Services, [email protected]