Secondary Mathematics

The Secondary Math Team is dedicated to providing San Lorenzo Unified School District students with a curriculum that reflects the content as stated in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  The shifts in course content and rigor have led to a change in the course pathways in Secondary Math (see below). 

To learn more about the collaborative work being done in the district, visit the San Lorenzo Unified Mathematics Website.

 High School Math Pathways

The current  High School Math Pathways are listed below.  The Math 1 and Math 3 Integrated Courses are courses that include traditional Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Statistics standards.

2019-20 Mathematics Pathways

During this academic year, Math 2 Integrated replaces Geometry.  All students will take Math 2 in their 10th grade year.

Key for Diagram:

  • Blue represents Middle School Courses
  • Purple represents High School Courses
  • Red represents AP Courses
  • Arrows up and down represent that a student can take Math 3 in Junior Year and then Math Modeling Senior Year or Math Modeling in Junior Year and then Math Modeling Senior Year.
Teacher Professional Learning Opportunities
Teacher Collaboration

Teachers are provided with collaborative, professional learning opportunities, like Lesson Study, Release Days, Summer Learning, and the Math Collaboratives.

Our enthusiastic and caring Secondary Math teachers work to provide students with rigorous course content and engaging math tasks.