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Specs and Quotes

The Technology Integration Services and Purchasing Departments have collaborated to create an improved technology purchasing process to streamline the process of purchasing technology items, such as computing devices, carts, projectors, printers, etc. Find the District Technology Standards here. All District users should follow the work flow below to request specs and quotes for standard and non-standard devices:

Request for Specs Form
  1. Sites submit the "Request for Tech Specs" form online. The form includes specs and estimated prices for standard items to help prospective purchasers make initial decisions about quantities and budget implications.
  2. Technology Integration Services recommends/approves specs.
  3. Purchasing obtains quotes and sends it to the authorized requester listed on the form.
  4. The authorized requester at the site submits a purchase requisition through Escape and attaches the quote.
  5. Accounting checks the purchase req against designated budget codes.
  6. Once the req is approved by Accounting, Purchasing will issue the PO to the vendor.
  7. Warehouse will deliver items to TIS for imaging/provisioning or to site, depending on the items purchased.

Display Options

New technologies are moving beyond the interactive whiteboard to using interactive instruction for student learning, real-time collaboration, and feedback.  Request a quote for interactive HDTV panels through the "Request for Tech Specs" form.

Approved Software 

SLZUSD Approved Software ListLearn what software is approved for use for the SLZUSD and abides by its Terms of Use Agreement to stay compliant with the FERPA, COPPA, CIPA and other Laws including the District's Acceptable Use Policy. 

Please be a champion for protecting student data privacy, by only using approved apps and by encouraging others to do the same

Software that is not on this list, and which collects any student information whatsoever should not be used, those applications may sell the students' information or use it for marketing purposes.   

If there is a Software Title that is not on the list and you are considering it Please contact TIS to assist with the review of any new software or educational resource before it is approved for use.