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Onsite and Classroom Support

Curriculum and Technology Integration

Lori McCaughtry and Alexis Meron, Teachers on Special Assignment (TSA), provide professional development and resources to enrich instructional strategies by integrating technology into the core curriculum.  They collaborate with teachers and staff to develop curriculum and materials to increase student learning and achievement. Some of the support provided includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Modeling lessons and provide peer coaching.
  • Develop goals and objectives for teachers to successfully integrate technology in their lessons

  • Tech Talks during faculty meetings

  • Curriculum and technology integration support of Project Lean In participants

  • Curriculum and technology integration support for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

  • Has a clearinghouse of educational technology resources available 

This support, along with the effective use of technology, expands our teachers ability to engage students learning experiences and promotes 21st century readiness. Please contact Lori McCaughtry (Elementary) or Derick Del Campo (Secondary) for more information.

Computer Media Specialists

Computer Media Specialists (CMS) assist teachers in the classroom/computer lab, venue set up, including projector use guidance, user support, and GAFE password recovery.  CMS's maintain mobile device carts inventory and/or intra-site reservation(s), along with HelpSTAR submission guidance for technical issues.

SITE CMS Support Staff
Adult Tech only-Elicio Ramirez
Arroyo Mikal Dace
Bay Jennifer Bernal 
Bohannon Isabella Mary
Colonial Rebecca Codere
Corvallis Jennifer Bernal
Dayton Jennifer Bernal
Del Rey Rochelle Usher
DICE Tech only-Peter Guilalas
District Office Tech only-Peter Guilalas
East Bay Arts / Royal Sunset Will Rzad
Edendale Christopher Condap
Grant Jeremy Del Carpio
Hesperian Jacinta Montemayor
Hillside Jeremy Del Carpio
Lorenzo Manor Jeremy Del Carpio
San Lorenzo Angela Villegas
Washington Manor Will Rzad