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San Lorenzo Unified School District is an equal opportunity district. All positions are available to qualified applicants regardless of race, sex, marital status, medical condition, sexual orientation, age, national origin, color, ancestry, religious creed, veteran status, and/or physical handicap.

Thank you for your interest in San Lorenzo Unified School District!  To apply for any certificated position, please apply online at  A link to current vacancies is below for your convenience. 


Application Process

Initial Salary Placement

San Lorenzo Unified School District's agreement with San Lorenzo Education Association 

The Superintendent or designee is authorized to credit for placement on the Teachers’ Salary Schedule past service of an applicant for employment in this District on the following basis:

  1. One (1) year of credit for each year of teaching in a public school or private school, which meets the standards of the appropriate accreditation agency, to a maximum of eight (8) years credit, provided the person held a valid, applicable credential during the period of teaching.  This experience shall have been within the ten (10) years prior to employment.  For vocational instructors equivalent credit may be given for related working experience.
  2. On initial placement, credit for advanced training beyond the Bachelor’s Degree shall be permitted for graduate level courses only, for which the applicant received a grade of “C” or better.

CalSTRS Current Rules on Working After Retirement

There have been many recent changes in law that have impacted the ability of public agency employees to work after retirement, and we continue to get many questions about the current provisions. Here are the provisions as they affect retirees from the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS).

Earnings and Hour Limitations

The work performed by CalSTRS retirees is subject to the current year's earnings limitation, which for 2013-14 is $39,903. Every dollar earned in excess of this amount will cause an equal reduction in the retiree's pension benefit.

Credential Information

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